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Continual Engine, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology company with a deep commitment to accessibility and learning developed PREP to empower individuals, institutions and organizations in making accessibility within easy reach. 

A casual dinner conversation with friends started Continual Engine’s journey in leveraging artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, automation, vision technologies, and more to bring inclusion with affordability and accelerated accessibility. The company was founded by a technologist with extensive experience in building innovative products and is supported by a team with decades of experience in higher education, accessibility, and custom learning design.

PREP - The Beginning

A few early explorations and in-depth discussions with industry leaders and accessibility experts helped the Continual Engine team understand the gaps in online accessibility for documents and images. Experts reported that most accessibility tools did not alleviate the challenge but instead they experienced complicated workflow of document accessibility, and lack of efficient digitization tools which affected business continuity.
These pivotal initial conversations provided valuable insights and the Continual Engine team recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that was able to address multiple document formats, structures, and varied user needs.
With an aim to close these apparent gaps by collaborating closely with stakeholders at multiple levels across industries, the team gained a deeper understanding of the challenges they faced in making inaccessible documents available for users of assistive devices. The goal was to ensure that the document structure, reading order, or format of each remediated document was preserved and readable through screen readers.
Recognizing a revolutionary opportunity, the Continual Engine team decided to design and develop an efficient product to counter the challenges of document accessibility and digitization. The genesis of PREP followed several brainstorming sessions, guided by experienced accessibility professionals, and intense teamwork.

PREP’s Journey


Conceptualization of PREP



A first version of PREP is developed automating several steps in PDF remediation.


Over a dozen clients including the largest global publishers and higher education institutions participate in PREP’s beta trials.



A robust version of PREP is released to bring in advanced artificial intelligence features enabling faster document remediation for PDF documents, scanned pages and Word documents.

Two add-ons/plug-ins were enabled

Math add-on to enable alt text automation for Math images, formulae and equations.

Forms add-on to create and easily remediate forms or documents with fillable fields.

Q3 & Q4

PREP 2.0 was adopted by multiple clients as their preferred document remediation solution and becomes available for wider adoption.


Version PREP 3.0 emerges with superior automation for tagging, accelerated remediation of complex tables, nested lists, and more.

What Makes PREP the Preferred Tool for Accessibility Experts, Institutions, and Organizations

We left no stone unturned in our quest to offer the best PDF and document remediation platform/solution and services that are faster, accurate, and affordable for all accessibility users and organizations.
Here are the features that our users absolutely love:

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