AI-enabled PDF Remediation Platform for ADA & WCAG Compliance


Accurately remediates PDFs in three simple steps.


Cloud-based, cutting-edge AI tool allows for easy collaboration.


Fast and affordable remediation at scale.


Built-in compliance checker for Section 508, WCAG 2.0, PDF U/A, & ADA.

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3 Step Process for Effortless PDF Remediation

3 Step Process for Effortless PDF Remediation

PREP’s dynamic web-based UI offers an intuitive and simple user experience, transforming your content in three simple steps.

  • Upload your PDF to PREP for page content analysis, and see how our tool auto-detects tags based on the document structure.
  • Use PREP’s intuitive features to review the PDF, and modify the page content structure.
  • Preview using the in-depth accessibility report checker to fix flagged issues before your fully compliant PDF is generated.
AI-based Auto-Tag Detection

Sophisticated AI-based Auto-Tag Detection

Advanced AI works to assign tags with the highest level of precision, accelerating cumbersome tasks such as tagging Nested Lists and Table of Contents, thereby saving time by more than 60% compared to existing market solutions.

Highly Intuitive UI

PREP user-friendly interface allows for users to master key functionalities within a couple of hours (as compared to days) for quick onboarding. In addition, our cloud-based infrastructure ensures high scalability, and wide availability to users.

Highly Intuitive UI


PREP offers a collaborative environment that enables users to remediate, test, and store PDF documents securely. Being cloud-based provides the flexibility for access anywhere, anytime.

Accessibility Standard Compliance

Built-in robust accessibility checker tool that validates your documents’ compliance against Section 508, WCAG 2.0, PDF/UA, and HHS guidelines.

Accessibility Standard Compliance
Affordable and Scalable

Affordable and Scalable

Accessibility doesn’t need to come at a huge cost. We offer customized licensing packages as per your organization’s needs. Contact us to receive a customized quote that enables you to remediate at scale while staying under budget.

Client Testimonial

We are delighted to be offering our AI-powered platforms and solutions to several leading higher-education universities, and publishers.

Korey Singleton
Korey SingletonPh.D., ATP, RET ATI Manager,George Mason University
"Their services are top-notch, customer-driven, and the extent of their collaboration with our staff has been unmatched. We could not be more excited about the quality of products and services they have provided and will be providing in the months ahead."
Mark Nichols
Mark NicholsSenior Director, Universal Design and Accessible Technologies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and University, VIRGINIA TECH
"In building our relationship, the Continual Engine team has taken great stride to learn and understand our challenges associated with the design and scaled remediation of accessible instructional materials."

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are accessible PDF documents important?

Portable Document Formats or PDFs are largely inaccessible by screen readers. Screen Readers are a special software which reads the content out aloud, and is used extensively by individuals with visual or cognitive disabilities to access electronic content. For screen readers to work well with PDF documents, they will need to be properly tagged – i.e. have the required metadata embedded. However, this is not frequently the case.

PREP is a much faster, affordable and comprehensive PDF remediation tool which is powered by cutting edge AI. It allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Automatically detects metadata in the correct reading order and allows for edits if necessary.
  • Simplified tagging for complex tables, nested lists, and Table of Contents.
  • Merge, delete, and bulk change tags with ease.
  • Effortlessly add alternate text for visuals (images, charts, graphs, and more).
  • Generate AI-based alt-text for math content.
  • Automated link detection, and exponentially easier tag edits.
  • Built-in compliance checker for Section 508, WCAG 2.0, PDF U/A, and ADA.

PREP helps you to perform OCR, fix any OCR errors and then assist in tagging the file. Using our scanned document workflow, it makes remediating scanned documents easier and faster.

Yes. PREP covers WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1 AA level success criteria, and in certain areas even level AAA. This is a step beyond what Section 508 legislation requires.

PDF documents are required by law to conform to Text of the Standards and Guidelines accessibility compliance.

Yes. PREP covers WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1 AA level success criteria, and in certain areas even level AAA. This is a step beyond what Section 508 legislation requires.

PREP is an equitable, affordable, and scalable solution for institutions, associations, and organizations. To learn about customized pricing per your requirements, please contact us at

Absolutely! PREP can help convert inaccessible documents into WCAG and ADA compliant PDFs, and protect you from lawsuits related to accessibility. Click here to learn more about Section 508 compliance.

To learn more about how we can help you with your PDF and Document remediation needs, please fill in the form below, and our team will be in touch shortly.