Invicta™ – Image Alt-Text Solution: Drives Over
 $1 Million Annual Savings for Global Publisher

With Invicta™, you can get up to 50% cost savings and up to 40% reduction in turnaround time, ensuring equitable access to educational content.

One of the largest global education publishers aimed to improve content accessibility by expanding their image alt-text descriptions. In addition to fast-tracking their accessibility, they achieved:

~50% Reduction

in accessibility spend across all projects

~40% Reduced

turnaround time across all projects

~300,000 Alt-texts processed

covering all major academic disciplines

“Between 2020 to 2022, Continual Engine partnered with a leading higher education publisher on over 750 projects spanning 500 distinct titles, resulting in cost savings of ~$1.5 million and maintaining an error rate of less than 2%.”

What’s inside?

In this case study, you will learn how Invicta™ uses artificial intelligence (AI)-driven alt-text authoring to revolutionize digital accessibility, save costs and reduce turnaround times, while ensuring high accuracy.

  • Understanding the Challenge with Scalable and
    Affordable Image Accessibility

  • How Invicta™ Revolutionizes Image Accessibility

  • Outcomes: Scale with Exponential Savings, High Accuracy, and Full Compliance

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