PREP = Easier, Faster, Scalable PDF Remediation

Make PDF documents accessible with PREP. Save Time and Money.

PREP is a sophisticated, AI-based PDF remediation software that creates accessible PDF content in minutes by using its highly intuitive and accurate tagging system.

Businesses today realise the importance of making their content accessible to all, ensuring that resources can be accessed by those with visual, cognitive, or other disabilities. Accessibility laws in most countries mandate businesses to create content that adheres to set industry standards such as WCAG and ADA.

Many current PDF remediation tools in the market come with a high learning curve and are time consuming for users. With PREP, the process is streamlined and swift, enabling you to create WCAG and ADA compliant accessible PDFs in minutes (rather than hours) once you master the basic functionalities.

Using advanced AI, PREP analyses PDF documents by identifying metadata information in the correct reading order. The sensitivity feature allows users to effortlessly tag PDF documents by creating or editing tags within a tag tree structure. In addition, users can easily add alternate text for visuals such as images, charts, and graphs.

Time consuming tasks such as mapping complex tables, nested lists and Table of Contents (ToC) have been accelerated giving the user the ability to remediate a high volume of documents within a short span of time.